Friday, July 18, 2008

Watercolors Into the Ocean

This show at Yossi Milo has been blogged about quite a bit already, but I'm really psyched about it, so here it is. Photographer Asako Narahashi takes pictures with her camera close to the water or half-submerged, and what results—aside from beautiful images with really amazing colors—is that unique combination of relaxation and fright that comes with swimming in open water.

I am a terrible swimmer, always have been, but that hasn't stopped me from spending as much time as possible on or near the water. I used to guide kayak trips in the San Juan Islands and there is nothing more calming than gliding silently through the waves. I'm looking forward to doing some more of that soon.

Asako Narahashi's Half Awake and Half Asleep In the Water is up through August 22nd at Yossi Milo Gallery (525 West 25th Street, NYC). See more of her work here.

Bonus. Chris Watson, formerly of Cabaret Voltaire, now a specialist in recording wildlife and nautre, contributed this field recording of water to the Visionaire Sound issue. Telegraph Cove is at the North end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Chris Watson Telegraph Cove At Night MP3
from Visionaire 53: Sound, available at

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