Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Washington Is Our City

Big day on the political front. I've got WNYC with Brian Lehrer in one ear, and Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and their gang of slightly lesser blow-hards in the other. (Actually, I think a lot of them are okay—only Buchanan seriously lowers the bar. Would anyone notice or care if someone just locked the McLaughlin Group in their studio?) Where is Gwen Ifill when I need her? Gwen?

Anyway, it's looking like Obama took Vermont, Clinton took Rhode Island, and Ohio and Texas are still too close to call. Seems like it's going to come down to Pennsylvania, the super-delegate fight, and the possible (unsportsmanlike) do-overs in Michigan and Florida.

But I digress. I have no intention of making this a political blog, even as obsessed with the race as I am. Back to the pictures and records.

In lieu of any good Obama-related songs surfacing so far, here are my two favorite anti-Bush/anti-war cuts from the past several years.

he Evens Everybody Knows MP3
Get The Evens' records directly from Dischord

TV on the Radio Dry Drunk Emperor MP3 via Touch and Go

Photo above by my friend Mike Sacks. We took a roadtrip to Frederick, MD a few years ago to hang out with Joe Bussard (more on that another time). On the way back we stopped through DC for a few hours and this ladies' man was representing in front of the White House. Click to enlarge.

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cj barney said...

strath...love the blog. such a wealth of varied creative influences - keep it up.

when i read 3/4's entry, i immediately thought of blue scholar's 'blink' as another great anti-war track. i keep hoping there's a new day coming....