Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Image of the Day

Nan Goldin, Self-portrait in blue bathroom, London
1980 (cibachrome,* 30 x 40 in.) 

On view at the Matthew Marks Gallery booth at the Frieze art fair, London, Oct. 11-14.

*I had no idea what this was. From wikipedia:
[Also known as is ilfochrome, cibachrome is] a dye destruction positive-to-positive photographic process used for the reproduction of film transparencies on photographic paper. The prints are made on a dimensionally stable polyester base as opposed to traditional paper base. Since it uses 13 layers of azo dyes sealed in a polyester base, the print will not fade, discolor, or deteriorate for an extended time. Accelerated aging tests conducted by Henry Wilheim indicated the product resisted fading under display conditions longer than any other known photographic color material. Characteristics of Ilfochrome prints are image clarity, color purity, as well as being an archival process able to produce critical accuracy to the original transparency.

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