Friday, September 14, 2012

The All-Seeing Eye

Photographer Mary Randlett, Northwest treasure. 

 Flowers in vases at Morris Graves' studio, 
Edmonds, August 1949

(All images via the University of Washington Libraries' fantastic Digital Collections. Much more Northwest inspiration here.)
Louis Bunce, painter, 1971

Gas Works Park, Seattle, January 1996

Sky Viewing Sculpture by Isamu Noguchi, 
Bellingham, December 1969

Vegetable stall at Pike Place Market, 
Seattle, April 1965 

Lights at Pike Place Market, Seattle, March 1967

Fishing boat and cargo ship from Seattle waterfront, 
March 1967 

 Wesley Wehr, painter and writer, at Golden Gardens Park, 
Seattle, May 1966

 Morris Graves, painter, with his dog Edith, 
Edmonds, August 1949

 Jacob Lawrence, painter, at his studio in Seattle, 
April 1983

 John Logan, poet, April 1966

James Schoppert, Tlingit artist, January 1984

 Imogen Cunningham, photographer, Seattle, May 1965 

Clam diggers on beach, Long Beach, May 1967

 Interior of Guy Anderson's home, LaConner, 
February 1978

Eve Triem, poet, with kitten, September 1991 

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