Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just the Essentials

At far right, fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez 
(who died of AIDS in 1987 at the untimely age of 44) 
with, from left, Eija Vehka Aho, Juan Ramos, 
Jacques de Bascher, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Today Rizzoli releases Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco, by Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha of MAO Mag (including contributions by Bill Cunningham, Anna Sui, and Andre Leon Talley). The book focuses not only on Lopez's illustrations but also showcases his photographs, for which he is less well known.

Antonio Lopez and Jerry Hall, 1975. 
Photograph by Norman Parkinson.

A show at the Suzanne Geiss Company gallery in NYC, covering three decades of Lopez's career and sounding chock-full of interesting gems (including 8-millimeter films shot by Lopez), opens on September 7 (more info here).

Below, some of Lopez's earlier illustrations.

Beauty Head, 1963

For British Vogue, 1965

Model Carol LaBrie, 1971

 For The New York Times, 1966

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