Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Image of the Day

Experimental recording artist Laurie Spiegel in her NYC apartment, early 1970s.

Spiegel's 1972 track "Sediment" is featured in the film The Hunger Games (I haven't read or seen it).
She worked out “Sediment” using graph paper and a ruler to get the timing of the layers right.

“People who are in love with vintage analog now don’t understand what it was like to work with analog synths before computers, and before multitracks.”

While recording “Sediment” in her tenement apartment in Manhattan, Spiegel used a semi-modular Electrocomp 200. She recalled having to turn her refrigerator off to keep the analog synthesizer in tune.

“It was a five-room apartment running on a single 15-amp fuse,” she said. “When the refrigerator went on, half the oscillators dropped by a quarter tone…. I had to turn the refrigerator off, or it would ruin the take.”
[via Wired]

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