Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It Must Be in the Air Here

Lopez Island, WA, August 2011

This past weekend I was at a party, and at one point I happened to be standing around outside with some of my homegirls – beautiful, smart, ridiculously talented, and – best of all – hilarious, every one. (This is no exaggeration.) I had two thoughts: one, how did I get so lucky? And two – not to take a thing away from my amazing girls elsewhere, but – why are Northwest girls so damn awesome? I'm just saying, because they are.

I feel like a theme song is in order. This doesn't quite cut it, but it'll do for now.

Say Hi, "Northwestern Girls"
from The Wishes and the Glitch (2007, Euphobia)

This concludes my sentimental moment.

1 comment:

Valéry Lorenzo said...

The laughter could explain why the light vibrates in the photograph.
Continue to be sentimental, dear Pacific Standard,
It's contagious !