Friday, November 4, 2011

Imperfect Perfect

A photograph by Hans Neumann of actress Vera Jordanova, at home in New York – from Sous Style, the newly launched website by our multi-talented friend Pippa Lord (currently Photo Director at Elle, formerly at V and VMAN). I love her manifesto for the site:
We want to make our houses into homes, but we’re not necessarily married with two kids and a mortgage.

Our “houses” might just be apartments or rooms we rent, but they are spaces we call our own.

We plan a dinner with the same attention to style and detail that goes into planning our daily outfits.

We consider ourselves fashionable, yet our diets aren’t based on coffee and cigarettes.

Our homes aren’t necessarily flawless, matching, precious, or proper.

We make mistakes, spill things, add too much salt, and sometimes eat on the run.

We love men who cook and women who eat—and vice versa!

We’re a perpetual work in progress.

We don’t know all the answers but we’re curious to find out.

We believe in the “imperfect perfect.”

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