Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something That Can't Be Ignored


Excerpt from Les Blank's film Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers (1980), which will be screened November 10th at the dinner/benefit/release party in San Francisco for First Person Magazine no.5: Radical Foods. Blank suggested that garlic be toasted during screenings of the movie, so the aroma would fill the theater as the audience watched. Presumably in lieu of that, here's the menu for this dinner:
Crispy Swanton Farm artichokes with yuzu kosho, Abura miso, and cherry smoked salt

Deep-fried Monterey sardines with lime pickled shallot and pounded East Asian herbs

Braised Watson lamb shoulders with ras al hanout, candy cap mushrooms, cipollini onions, and stinging nettles

Tartine Bakery country loaves

Annabelle's chicories with roasted Chiogga beets, walnuts, Point Reyes blue, heirloom apples, chervil, and flowers

David Little's potatoes and sunchokes smashed up with horseradish root and brown butter

Roasted County Line broccoli di ciccio with chiles, sweet peppers, and fennel pollen

Caramelized Confection Kabocha and Annabelle's haricot vert with garlic and ginger
And with that, it's lunch time. More info on the dinner and the excellent magazine that is First Person here.

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