Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warp and Weft

Weaver Dorothy Liebes photographed by Charles E. Steinheimer in her studio.

Reminds me of watching my mom work her loom when I was a kid.

View more photographs by Charles E. Steinheimer (and purchase prints) here.


Lee said...

Although she didn't have quite the same recognition, the weaver I apprenticed with, Hella Skowronski, was from the same era and used many of the same techniques and materials esp. for interior design projects. Hella has works archived at both UofW Textile Library and MOMA. She had incredible commissions-everything from woven leather screens at Canlis to full length drapery fabric for a Hilton in Athens. It was an icredible experience learning from an old school Master and an honor to have had a show with her at the Frye Museum - way back in the day!

ashley said...