Thursday, May 5, 2011



Kraftwerk "Ruckzuck" (Live on West German TV, 1970). I have some of their later records but to be honest I had no idea Kraftwerk was around this early... like, before I was born. It makes me imagine what it is they were reacting to or against, that resulted in this sound. Fairly mind-blowing.

I'm sorry for all the video posting lately, I still stand by my opinion that it's the laziest form of blogging, but I haven't had time for more in-depth posts. Stick with us, though, big things are in the works.

(video courtesy of Charles Leo Gebhardt IV)


Valéry Lorenzo said...

Absolutly amazing !
The laziest form of blogging ?!
I don't believe you !
Thank you Strath, it's a very interesting post as the preceding ones...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing me to that. I had no idea.