Monday, May 30, 2011

Always Finding

I've been meaning to post this since Sarah linked to it in her comment on my post about the V&A's Yohji retrospective:

Trailer for Yohji Yamamoto: This Is My Dream, a forthcoming documentary on the Japanese clothing designer. Not much info is available on the film but we will keep you posted.

I often think that the people who are the best in their chosen field are in a way only incidentally practicing in that field, and that it's their interest in everything surrounding it, everything that influences their creative thinking, that somehow adds up and pushes them toward that field and the results they bring to it. Or that to achieve the highest level of knowing something, you have to transcend it – you have to get outside of it and take in other information, and ultimately not even care about the thing...and then the greatness of the thing will reveal itself to you.

(This has been: Deep Thoughts...)


Natasha Kroll said...

I can not wait for that to come out

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say about the best people having macro views of their chosen field. It allows them a fullness of seeing it from every perspective. Nice insight.