Friday, April 15, 2011

Fortress of Solitude

Dinanda H. Nooney, Martha Wieckers & children.
305 Cumberland St., Fort Greene, Brooklyn. June 11, 1978

While we're on the subject of borrowing inspiration, some images from the New York Public Library's Nooney Brooklyn Photographs collection, a document of families and individuals in their Brooklyn homes in the late '70s. (These were all taken in our last hood, Fort Greene, but the collection spans the borough.) Click to enlarge for details.

Diana Feingold. 116 Lafayette St., Fort Greene, Brooklyn. January, 1978.

Cornelius & Kathleen Walsh. 309 Vanderbilt Ave.,
Fort Greene, Brooklyn. April 16, 1978.

The Pierres. 120 Fort Greene Pl.,
Fort Greene, Brooklyn. May 4, 1978.

Jerry & Linda Schick. 188 Washington Ave.,
Fort Greene, Brooklyn. June 10, 1978.

Spencer & Rosalyn Depas. 227 Cumberland St.,
Fort Greene, Brooklyn. May 19, 1978.

Lester & Carolyn Beck, sons Christopher & Johnathan.
189 Washington Park, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

See the whole collection online at the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery.

h/t to Wary Meyers