Thursday, January 27, 2011

Image of the Day

Dennis Oppenheim: One Hour Run, 1968 (Six mile continious track, St. Francis, Maine).

Artist Dennis Oppenheim, born 1938 in Electric City-WA, died last week in Manhattan. From Roberta Smith's obituary at the New York Times:
Belonging to a generation of artists who saw portable painting and sculpture as obsolete, Mr. Oppenheim started out in the realm of the esoteric, the immaterial and the chronically unsalable. But he was always a showman, not averse to the circuslike, or to courting danger. For “Rocked Circle — Fear,” a 1971 body art piece, he stood at the center of a five-foot-wide circle painted on a New York sidewalk while a friend dropped fist-size stones from three stories above, aiming for inside the circle without hitting the artist. There were no mishaps.
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