Friday, December 17, 2010

Dirty Thirty

Clips and ads from the very first issue of BOMB magazine, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this coming Spring.

BOMB became a fixture in the No Wave scene when it began publishing in 1981, and has continued to evolve as a vital outlet for artists and writers in the decades since.

I always find it interesting to see who advertises in early issues of a magazine – sometimes it reflects the scene as much as the editorial content. The Mudd Club and The Odeon were kind of the epicenter at that time. (The Odeon is still very good – Emily and I used to go there sometimes after parties.)

See the whole first issue here and infinitely more from BOMB at

Incidentally, while we're at it: you can save 50% on gift subscriptions to BOMB through the end of the year (enter the code Gift2010) or get a BOMB t-shirt and subscription for only $30. I don't get paid for this stuff or anything, I'm just saying, those are good deals.

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