Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

Dearest Reader:

The honest truth is that my main computer is in the shop with a bum ticker and I don't have any new photos of Mr. Littlejeans (a/k/a Scruncho, Fang, Mr. Science*, Munchy, Bobo, Jinx, Jynx, Oscar**) to show you this week. Please accept this invitation to peruse the archives in the category of CATS, which also serves as a catch-all for posts about tiny animals of all kinds.

With the utmost respect, I remain, ever your obt svt, &c., with warmth and kindest personal regards,

Strath Shepard

*Not a doctor
**Mr. Littlejeans' real first name, from when he lived in the Bronx


Christina said...

i recently changed my cats name to Melva from Cat, Kitty-Gato, Maude, and Nala. Change is good.

Emily said...

You forgot "Meow-motte"!