Sunday, May 2, 2010

Photo Finish

In his On The Street audio slideshow at (as well as in the print edition of today's paper), Bill Cunningham says goodbye to the Carnegie Hall apartment he's lived in for sixty years.

For over a century, the apartments in Carnegie Hall have been home to a vast assortment of writers, designers, photographers, dancers, actors, circus performers, floral artists, and creative people of all stripes; Cunningham occupied one of five remaining rent-controlled units which are being closed down so that the building can be fully converted into a music school. When he first moved to New York, Cunningham became a milliner and assisted the fashion photographer Ray Solowinski (above right); Solowinski's wife (above left) modeled Cunningham's hats. Click here to watch the slideshow.

For people as fascinated with Cunningham as I am (he's basically a national treasure at this point, in my opinion) it's great news that he is the subject of a new documentary, directed by Richard Press and produced by the venerable Philip Gefter, entitled Bill Cunningham New York – I can't find any clips online but you can read an article Gefter wrote about it at The Daily Beast and get a little more info at the film's website.

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