Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

One Fisherman sweater, one or two sizes too big
[Women's wool crew neck sweater, 170 at John Molloy]


One pair of shorts
[Joe's Jeans Ex-Lover Burke cut-off shorts, $128 at Neiman Marcus]
(better yet, cut off your own)


One pair of waterproof boots
[Onguard black rubber boots, $16.30 at PK Safety Supply]

One pair of leg warmers, thigh high
[Merino wool-blend leg warmers, $21.95 at
The Vermont Country Store]

One windbreaker
[Cotton-backed yellow PVC raincoat, $60 at Kiosk]


Ladies' Choice
[La Perla]


One early spring weekend on the coast.

Sunset at Cape Disappointment, Washington.


Beezer said...

Love your greater than the sum of its parts entries!

Mind if I steal some of your shopping tips?

Emily said...

thank you, and please do - that's exactly what they're for (well, that and the inspiration)! xo