Thursday, March 18, 2010

Office Space

I'm looking for a new office right now (my lease is up at the end of April) and windows are the main requirement. The elevator shaft has been great as a starter space but the lack of natural light can be torture – especially now, since it's starting to get nice again. I ran across photos of this little office in the middle of nowhere and was daydreaming about what it would be like to work there every day.

So nice.

[via The Arm – click for a few more]


Stephen said...

Hey Strath,
it's Stephen Sky's friend from the FDNY. Great blog. Just wanted to show you this in regards to your dream office. This looks like the builder/designer..
hope you and the fam are well. When you headed to NY, well need to get on the Turntables. I've been trying to convince Sky to learn.

Strath said...

Hey Stephen thanks for the link, that's dope. Hoping to be in NY in the next couple weeks... been too long.