Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mend & Measure

. Nicole Miller, owner of the Seattle shops Blackbird and Field House, is offering free Sunday classes on repairing clothing starting this weekend. Here's the description:
In the old U.S. Navy, sailors had one day a month called Mend & Measure where they were excused from their duties to launder and repair their clothes. Wouldn't it be great if times were different and this was a priority again?
Times is different and I think it's cool that someone in the business of selling clothing is also in the business of helping her customers maintain what they have. My best Filson coat has a bullet hole in it that needs to be repaired* and I can't make it to this Sunday's class but maybe I'll bring it in another weekend.

Click here for info.

*hole in coat possibly caused by evil moths

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Anonymous said...

*hole in coat possibly caused by evil moths

You are very funny!! man! Ha ha!!

And no ; I can not even put back on a button on my a new skill to be learned