Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Image of the Day

An image by Australian photographer Michael Corridore, from the series Angry Black Snake – on display through April 8th at Aperture Gallery in New York. Corridore describes the series thusly:
Angry Black Snake presents specific scenarios where crowds have gathered to participate in and watch various leisure activities and spectacles. I photographed people during moments of excitement and enjoyment as they celebrated the events they had come to experience. I wanted, however, to portray individuals or small groups of people seemingly out of context with their existing environment and the surrounding events, so that the various scenes appear suspended in a dreamlike state, whether pleasant or post-apocalyptic.
Aperture is holding an artist's reception this Thursday, March 11th, from 6–8pm. More info about the show at aperture.org. See more images from Angry Black Snake at michaelcorridore.com.

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Valéry Lorenzo said...

Strong pictures of the Angry Black Snake serie !
And Nowhere serie makes me think about the Travis vision on the movie Paris Texas...
Hi Strath !