Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back At You With The Realness


LPSD's "Back Atcha" – I first heard Kutfather play this at the Art Bar when we used to DJ there in the late '90s, and then it was sampled notably for "Thoughts I Generate," the b-side of his 12" we released on Conception Records. It's pretty much impossible to find an original of the LPSD record – the only recording I have of it is on an old Jake One mix tape, so in my mind this song always flows directly into Cru's "Pronto." Never knew there was a video for it, but there it is.


gerniee said...

Peace & Blessings!

"Back Atcha" by LPSD

Strath said...

YO- thank you!!!

I just found the vinyls on re-issue too.