Friday, January 22, 2010

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

In our old apartment in Brooklyn, Jeans would often stare intently at something, but when we looked, there was nothing there. There was one time when I was out of town – Emily was in bed and called me because Jeans was staring at something, and then a weird hazy light appeared in the corner of the bedroom he was staring at. We always kind of thought that place was haunted. It made me dread going into the basement to empty the boiler – when we first moved in, there were all these old dusty children's toys down there, and a ouija board, and a box of textbooks that were all about schizophrenia and stuff like that...I'm not making this up, it was creepy. A great apartment though, and nothing bad ever happened, so the ghosts must have been friendly.


Lee said...

Good one...he looks like a cat in a penguin pose. Still think you should have gone through with the 'creepy basement beer' idea.

Anonymous said...

Does Jeans purr when he eats? I like imagining him in his daily life.
I continue to admire him, though I have no specific garlands to throw at the moment. I better check to see if "garlands" is the word I want. Please excuse me if it isn't.

Strath said...

He's mostly pretty focused on eating when he eats, not much purring... But I bet if there were garlands he would purr.

Ruth said...

This is a great and an important cat.

Beezer said...

A Ouija board and books on schizophrenia? That is spooky.

Mini (my 'meezer) stares at the ceiling a lot, but so far no hazy blobs. She's looking at the TV reflecting in the light fixture.

Which is cute.

Jeans--zaftig and psychic.