Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Songs That We Sing

Since I'm finishing up design work on a record her parents made in the '60s, I thought I'd post something about the upcoming Charlotte Gainsbourg album, produced by Beck. You can download the title song "IRM" for free by visiting her website and entering your email address. It's short and sweet with a Liquid Liquid kind of feel to it that I really like, and quite different from the stuff on her previous record (also very good), produced by Air, Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy), and Nigel Godrich. Here Gainsbourg talks a little about the making of IRM:

Charlotte Gainsbourg's IRM will be out in the US this coming January and there's another single on the way between now and then, a duet with Beck called "Heaven Can Wait."

[via Wonting]

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