Monday, October 5, 2009

Pacific Standard regrets the error.

Back in March I posted the trailer for Away We Go. I didn't have a chance to see it in the theater. It came out on DVD last Tuesday. We watched it last night. It might be the worst movie I've ever seen. It is two hours of contrived, smug, ironic sweetness that I will never get back – two hours in which I experienced the unusual sensation (to me, at least) of hating my generation. There are some great people in Away We Go (Josh Hamilton, Jim Gaffigan, others) but it doesn't matter. The people who wrote this movie are very smart people, I'm told, but it doesn't matter. Away We Go is a colossally dumb movie.

If you saw this movie solely because you saw the trailer here (highly doubtful, but possible), I apologize. You probably feel toward me the way I feel toward Maya Rudolph right now.
I don't know what else to say. Can we please just never talk about it again? I will buy you a milkshake or something next time I see you and everything will be normal again.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, I did not like this movie. My initial reaction was thinking that it didn't quite work and was mediocre. On reflection, I can't stand it.

corey j

Beezer said...

I agree. The movie lacked a point.

A good movie has characters I care about (don't have to love, but care about). Then the character is in a high-stakes situation. This creates what we like to call suspense, Mr. Eggers.

The characters in this movie also niether transcend or fall to the dark side--all of which would be in support of a point.

Even a light romatic comedy like When Harry Met Sally follows this format: we know Harry, if he's ever to love, he has to transcend his patterns, and we need to watch him do this--it's cathartic.

Dave Eggers is a non-fiction writer. I don't think he got how to take elements of slice-of-life and make them both cinematic and dramatic.

My life is pretty much like this movie: a journey with nothing at stake and being around annoying people. Not fun to watch.