Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stay On Target

"Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte at the Apex Electronics store in Sun Valley, Calif. The colorful wires they found there [were] incorporated into the shoes for their spring 2009 collection." Photo Tierney Gearon for The New York Times

Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy are designing a Rodarte collection for Target. Fifty-five pieces will be available from December 20th through February 6th, 2010, with a price range of approximately $10–$80.

Rodarte is justifiably expensive because of its otherworldly meticulousness and material. It will be interesting to see how Laura and Kate's highly conceptual ideas translate into an extremely affordable line – but more than almost any designer I can think of, they are equal to the task.

Here's a short documentary from on Rodarte's most recent collection. Try to ignore the part where Elijah Wood says "whimsical."

I recommend watching the Fall 2009 runway show (as well as backstage photos, past shows, etc.) at Rodarte's website.
Click here for more Rodarte on Pacific Standard.

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