Thursday, July 9, 2009

Northwest Living

Some pics from our weekend camping in the North Cascades...which was beyond beautiful, just totally mind-blowing. Other than when I had to go over and yell at the French Canadians who set up camp extremely loudly in the middle of the night right next to us, or when we had an awkward encounter with some creepy middle-aged people from New York who saw our NY plates and wanted us to hang out with them, or getting back to find that my computer had completely fried, it was a perfect weekend – I'm looking forward to going up there again some time soon.

Get ready to live

Marblemount, WA

A roadside plaque about Jack Kerouac et al's time up up there in Desolation Lookout

A one-lane road runs across Diablo Dam (by the way, Diablo is pronounced Die-ab-low, with ab being pronounced the Suzanne Somers way).

Ross Lake

You said it sister
On the Fourth of July we hiked up to Heather Pass in Okanagan National Forest. We didn't make it to the top because the path was still covered in snow and we lost the way.

Also, there was a massive grizzly bear eating his way through the meadow below us.

Sunday we hiked up to Thornton Lake and Trapper Mountain.

There was still a lot of snow but the trail was more clear.

It was however one of the tougher hikes I've ever done – it was 9 miles roundtrip and listed as "moderately strenuous" but there was nothing moderate about it. We got to the top and pretty much collapsed.

It was insane though – the view was totally worth it. It still bugs me out that this is only a couple hours outside of Seattle.

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