Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Links to BBQ joints

Seattle has a surprising amount of good barbecue pits scattered throughout the city, and though it's not a city that lays claim to its own particular style, there is a sampling of almost every type of BBQ out there. You can get North Carolina-style vinegar/mustard sauces and St. Louis tomato-based sauces, sometimes at the same spot. Lucky for me, a number of them are around the corner from the studio we have in Georgetown and although I would love to eat at The Pig Iron a few days a week I have been making the rounds to try out all the places I can.

Pecos Pit. Not the best of the lot but worth a trip, their Texas-style sandwich is truly Texas enormous. Nice place to hit up before a game at Safeco field down the street, or on a sunny day, to sit outside on the picnic benches and get your meal in about 3 minutes. You will use a pound of napkins here. Oh, and beware, even the medium heat setting is explosively spicy.

Jones BBQ. These guys are like the R. Kelly of barbecue – they have taken it to the streets and set up a steel drum of smoking BBQ outside of their Lander Street location. If you are anywhere near their restaurant you will be broadsided and led like the pied piper right to their door.

The Pig Iron. This place is not to be taken lightly. They have 3 different sauces, the best of which is a hot mustard sauce. A little sweet and a little tangy, it goes on anything. Their sides are all excellent, from hot links to greens, sweet potato fries, slaw and beans – infinite combinations of goodness to accompany your pork. And their chicken is off the charts. Do not underestimate the chicken. When we first went there my friends scoffed at me for ordering the BBQ chicken but I came out on top when it arrived perfectly cooked and seasoned. I could go on. Cold beers on tap, a cool little rockabilly location and Slim's Last Chance is next door if you want to play some pool and drink pitchers after your meal. Not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Anyone else out there got contenders? I still need to hit up the North Shore Hawaiian barbecue at Boren and Yesler...

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