Friday, June 12, 2009

Grin and Bear It : )

Tonight as part of the Seattle International Film Festival, Los Angeles band No Age is performing an original live score to L'Ours (The Bear), a 1989 film by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Take that, Grizzly Bear.
When a rockslide kills a mother bear, her cub Douce becomes an orphan in the threatening Canadian Rockies. Luckily, she encounters Bart, a full-grown male bear on the run from hunters after mauling their pack animals. Though the ill-tempered Bart initially rejects Douce’s companionship, the cub wins his affection by licking Bart’s gunshot wounds. Psychedelic mushroom trips and a rendezvous with Doc (the effeminate male bear who plays Bart’s love interest) are woodland fun at its finest, but the invasive fear of being hunted drives The Bear forward. Staged with trained bears and filmed in the Italian Dolomites, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film seems like realism in drag as documentary. Yet it’s this feeling that makes The Bear a magical discovery and a welcome departure from the ordinary wildlife exposé.
As Douce and Bart sift through the maladies and joys of their precarious existence, so too does No Age’s music filter raw sensation through art-punk chaos.

I like bears, I like the Canadian Rockies, I like mushrooms, I like art. I like punk, I tell you what. I like that stuff. I'm not sure about the chaos, it's complicated.

No Age Every Artist Needs a Tragedy mp3



Triumph of Lethargy also playing tonight, at The Mix in Georgetown (info here)


Loud good times

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