Friday, May 29, 2009

Utopian Dreams

.We're headed out of town so we're going to miss this one, but Cairo has an opening on Saturday that looks great: Peg and Awl features drawings by Seattle artist Toby Liebowitz, with an accompanying collaborative sculptural/sonic installation by Max Liebowitz and Sean Pecknold. From the gallery's description of the show:
Peg and Awl is a fictional society based in Douglas County, Oregon between the spring of 1933 and the winter of 1934. A community built from the dreams of the great depression; a place for artists, carpenters, writers and adventurers with visions of a utopian society. Through a series of graphite drawings that span the seasons of a year, we witness the rise and fall of a community of people who are forced to face the realities of human desire and the harsh unknown.
That is a crazy scope for a project – I'm excited to see it.

More info at Cairo.

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