Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Modeselector : Review

Berliner techno monster Modeselektor was in Seattle to play a show last night (exclaiming via twitter "everything in Seattle is Organic!"). We showed up way early, way tipsy and got ready to rave. Just a few thoughts before I segway into the pictures (which are more fun anyway):
Modeselektor can be hit or miss. When his beats are ON you want to go crazy and jump around, adrenaline-gone-wild kind of thing, especially with the sound system on crank. (See: Weed Wit The Macka, the Happy Birthday Remix EP, etc.) But when he's off, like last night, (See: Moderat- his collaboration effort with frenemy Apparat) things can get a bit fuzzy and lose their grip. I'm not writing him off though, I'd see him again...

On a side note, he does have a talent, albeit somewhat bizarre, for good album cover art. Get on itunes and look at not only his latest cover art but the cover for the Moderat album. Good stuff.

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