Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When It's Warm Outside

I don't have much to say lately, probably because it's finally sunny. I remember how it is now – the first sun break after a long, gray Seattle winter is totally stunning, and you feel an almost frenetically urgent need to be outside as much as possible.

Michel Sardaby Welcome New Warmth mp3

Yesterday it hit 70º and Emily and I had a slightly extended weekly office meeting at Lake Washington, sharing the end of a public dock with a group of German tourists and some kids who had skipped school to go swimming. You have to take advantage of it when you can; it's supposed to cloud up again tomorrow.

But today it's sunny, so with that in mind, I'll keep the chatter to a minimum and share the first five vaguely beachy images I found in the vault:

Unknown Brazilian band – I think I found this at the excellent Brazilian music blog Loronix.

Portrait Study by Bauhaus luminary Irene Bayer, 1928

Photograph from a 1960s beer advertisement.

Helmut Newton

L to R: Dawn Wells, a UW graduate and founder of the Idaho Film & Television Institute; marijuana enthusiast Bob Denver; and Tina Louise, who recorded four LPs including the 1957 album It's Time For Tina, which features Coleman Hawkins on tenor saxaphone.

Now go outside.

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