Wednesday, April 1, 2009


[Driving by some cranberry bogs on Long Beach peninsula last weekend]

Me: Hey, that's where they make those Ocean Spray cranberry ads where the guys are standing in the cranberries.
Emily: What ads? I haven't seen those.
Me: Yeah you have, everyone's seen those.
Emily: I haven't.
Me: Whaaat?! HA HA. I'm gonna find that ad and post it on the blog and tell everyone you haven't seen it. You will be humiliated.
Emily: Well that seems like a good use of the blog.

[Driving by another cranberry bog]

Me: Wow, there are cranberries everywhere.
Emily: We should have brought some vodka and a straw.

1 comment:

Joey Veltkamp said...

really emily? wow! kind of jealous. wish i never saw those crappy commercials. good use of the blog, though. ;)