Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sticks & Circles

Just a quick endorsement of the most recent new incarnation of Interview magazine, art directed by M/M (Paris). You kind of have to see a few issues before you can decide what you think, and now that I've seen a few, I think the new design is really good [somewhat irritating youngsters on both covers notwithstanding].

The typography feels very formal and there's a strong grid throughout, but the handwritten titles break things up and give the feature openers a more carefree feel.

There are also interesting uses of the grid. People who don't design magazines might take this stuff for granted or think it's not a big deal, but to me a spread like this (above) is really refreshing.

The photography and styling throughout Interview are right up there with that of any top fashion magazine.

It's a little smutty too – as it should be, being a magazine that attempts to embody the spirit of lower Manhattan.

I like this ongoing feature, wherein they ask notable people to send in their cell phone photos from around the world.

Left: I like how they do the table of contents. This is not an easy thing to do well. Right: The back page of each issue features a clip from a back issue (here, Matt Dillon at 15). Interview's website also has an extensive archive.

There are great one-pagers throughout as well.

I've featured Interview many times on the blog, which is maybe a little strange, but it was largely responsible for forming my ideas about what a magazine should be when I was a kid. I am still obsessed with magazines – I still get excited to open the mailbox – and I'm glad that Interview is still a great way to stay up on new music, movies, art, etc., all for only $12 a year.

In other magazine news:

Did you know that Google Books has every back issue of New York magazine archived online?

Not to mention Popular Mechanics. And Jet.


Quinn said...

The innards of Interview look awesome. But people do judge magazines by their covers, and why would they strike out on their maiden voyages with those two dopes??

Inspired by one of your posts I'm going to subscribe to W. Their ordering website is obnoxious though, so I'm going to get it in a bookstore and send in one of those ubiquitous cards.

Sarah said...

interview is a favorite in our little home. i'm so lucky my guy is a subscriber.

corey j said...

Interview Magazine is looking really cool, thanks for the heads up.
corey J.