Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People are strange.

The New York Times
ran a piece last week on Millard Kaufman, an accomplished writer who died recently at the age of 92. Among many other things, Kaufman was a newspaper reporter, a decorated Marine, a screenwriter with credits such as the dark western Bad Day at Black Rock, a co-creator of the Mr. Magoo cartoons, and late in life, a novelist published by McSweeney's.

Here's the opening sequence for Mr. Magoo, designed by none other than legendary Los Angeles designer Alvin Lustig:

Click here to read more about the interesting life of Millard Kaufman.

More Mr. Magoo here.

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Anonymous said...

Such a nice reminder of the Mr. Magoo opener, delightful! What they call "an instant classic." (As well as the phrase "More Mr. Magoo here")