Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fine Print

Drew Christie: Seattle City Hall 1882

I've been working on a fun project recently with Light in the Attic Records, and Seattle-based artist Drew Christie did a bunch of illustrations for it. I'll reveal that whole thing pretty soon, but in the mean time I wanted to post up some of Drew's other work – these are all linoleum cuts printed on old book pages.

Rahm Emanuel's War Chest

Mending Torn Net (from a series of images of old time Ballard)

The Birth of the KGB


I really like the one above in particular: A Dispute Arises at the Thunderbird Logging Camp. You can feel tension in the stances of the two men and the way the front guy is clenching his fists. The guy in the back looks like he's more hesitant to get into it with whoever the wrongdoer is, but he's gonna back up the front guy regardless.

Go check out Drew Christie's blog, Democracy for the Cartoons, for much more.

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