Sunday, January 11, 2009

Closed for Construction

Emily and I are FINALLY moving into our condo on Capitol Hill (I'm sure I have mentioned this 800 times – we bought it back in October 2007 and have been renting it out) so posting is going to be light this week. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to end four months of living out of bags and boxes! So excited that I used an exclamation point.

Above, Detail from Word Map of Seattle, 1971 via Seattle Municipal Archives


Emily said...

Hey, Strath! It was great to see you---and meet Emily---at Sybil's opening last week. I hope that we can find some opportunities to hang out this year as you continue to get settled back into Seattle.

My blog, such as it is, is at emilycedergreen dot blogspot dot com. I haven't posted since the beginning of November, and am trying to figure out what direction I might take with it now... Stay tuned...

lar said...

congrats. wow thats an ill pic