Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is Your Life

Oh good lord, yet another blow to my ability to stay on task: Google just launched a gigantic searchable archive of images from Life magazine. The collection includes roughly two million photographs spanning the 123 years that Life was published, from 1883–2006. Here are seven of my favorites:

Mies Van der Rohe peering between models of his Lake Shore Drive apartments, Chicago, 1956. Photographer: Frank Scherschel

[image deleted]
Donyale Luna, Sydney, Australia

Picasso attempts to draw a Minotaur using light pen, Vallauris, France, 1949. Photographer: Gjon Mili

Gertrude Stein, France, 1944. Photographer: Carl Mydans

Members of the Sons of Watts acting as body guards in car of Presidential aspirant, Robert Kennedy, Los Angeles, 1968
(A side point – today, November 20th, is RFK's birthday – he would have been 83.)

Folk Music Festival Ashville, NC. Photographer: W. Eugene Smith

Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Bethel, NY, August 1969. Photographer: John Dominis

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Anonymous said...

Your selections are incredible. Going to go waste a few hours there myself...

Dottie said...

oh lord, this is not what i need, but will be heading over there anyway.