Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Ones that's True

The members of Digable Planets are re-uniting for a show in Seattle tonight. Here's the video for the first single from their second album – which, when I saw it, made me want to move to Brooklyn and walk around for a few years…

…and here's a lesser-known b-side of the last single from that record. More of a long interlude than a fully delineated song, "Dedicated" was one of my favorite cuts Digable Planets ever recorded. The group had followed the Grammy-laden whirlwind of its first record with a much more underground-sounding album, Blowout Comb, which was not exactly loved by critics (it has since gained much more respect, and I find myself appreciating its lyrical and musical complexity more in recent years than I did when it first came out). This non-album cut seemed like an artist's statement of sorts – an explanation of where they were coming from, regardless of Grammies or critical response.

Digable Planets Dedicated mp3

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