Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On to Voyageurs

Lake Huron

Major Dick Bong, "America's Ace of Aces"

All politics is local

Welcome to Minnesota

We started the morning in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and drove all the way north to the border at International Falls, Minnesota, near Voyageurs National Park, ending the night with a few beers at the Viking Lounge. Someone bought the entire bar a round, and when we reciprocated, the entire tab came to $13. Granted there were only about eight people in there, but still…. We're in a little motel now, and tomorrow we'll go to Voyageurs and find out about kayaking or motoring into the park (you have to boat into Voyageurs, because the whole park is made up of little islands between Minnesota and Ontario).

[Note to self, remember the words of your buddy Josh Hansen: "Be careful in Canada. There are Canadians there."]

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