Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Acquisitions, part 1: Cleveland

It's not exactly a buying trip, because the jeep is already packed to the gills with camping gear and other crap for three full weeks away from home—but we have been hitting a few thrift stores and record stores here and there. The best one yet was Suite Lorain in Cleveland, a gigantic vintage emporium in an old bowling alley, pictured above. Emily picked up a cloak and a handbag (I'll show her finds in a later post) and I grabbed some records:

This has inspirational words regarding stainless steel on one side, and music on the other. Can't wait to hear it.

I had never seen this Tyrone Davis before. I don't have my portable player with me so I'll have to check all of these out when I get home.

Some local hip-hop, ca.1984.

Grace Jones Island Life, with photography by Jean Paul Goude.

The rest of these are from various thrift stores around Cleveland:

Good graphic inspiration.

There's a couple Bacharach covers on here that might be good.

They cover a Serge Gainsbourg song.

Oh c'mon, I had to get this 45.

This one too, it was only 50 cents.

And a Downhill Racer VHS for good measure.

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Joey_Veltkamp said...

thanks for the Grace Jones reminder. For a little gay boy in Spokane, this album was thrilling. Me and Kevin (about the only black guy in my grade) were totally influenced by her style and began wearing our hair straight up!

aw, i'm going to go put island life, portfolio and slave to the rhythm on my stack-o-matic. la vie en rose is perfect for a rainy day in seattle.