Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Shadow Knows

One more thing about MOMA: I'm blown away by the photography section every time I go. They change it up regularly, so even if you go often, you always see something different from the permanent collection. They often display selections from a photographer's work that call out a certain theme or make for an interesting grouping—for example, last weekend they had a bunch of Lee Friedlander's self-portraits, and a selection of post-depression photographs by Dorothea Lange, which you usually don't see much. And then there was this:

New Acquisition: Ninety-two untitled photographs by unknown photographers in which the photographer's shadow appears. c.1900—70 (Gift of Jeffrey Fraenkel)

Here are some of the individual photos:

The sun had to be GIGANTIC behind the photographer for the shadows to fall the way they do in this photo.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster, c.1930?

And, of course, pictures of cars.

More of the MOMA photography collection at moma.org.

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