Monday, June 16, 2008

Gasoline Alley

This is from a series of photographs by Camilo José Vergara of abandoned gas stations. Click here for more (from The New York Times op-ed page Friday morning).

Unrelated, but the blog titles have to come from somewhere:
Biscuit Davis Gasoline Alley MP3
I found this record in Missoula last May. It's produced by Bob Thiele. I don't know much about it but apparently Biscuit Davis is now Dolly Parton's bandleader, and he was the national bluegrass banjo champion a few times. [I stand corrected. Thank you, smart guy commenter.]

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Anonymous said...

Nope. Biscuit Davis was a band in the early 70's and Bob Thiele Jr. was lead guitarist. Nothing to do with the banjo player who is Dolly Parton's bandleader.