Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Misty Mountain Hop

I almost forgot, I also found this really cool postcard at the flea market—in fact this is probably the coolest thing I picked up Sunday, and it was only 25 cents. It's a postcard of Franconia Notch, NH, but the photograph side is a flexi-disc (a very thin record). When you play it on your turntable it tells you about the White Mountains. Or at least I assume that's what it does; it's a 78 and the hole is too small to fit on my turntable. Still, it's cool to look at.

Emily and I camped near Mt. Lafayette a couple years ago and took the tram to the top. New Hampshire is definitely in my top five states.

Mt. Lafayette is the hill where Bode Miller grew up, and there are tons of posters of him around the lodge. Bode just won his second overall FIS World Cup championship and edged out Yakima's Phil Mahre to become the winningest American ski racer of all time.

Lindsay Vonn won the women's overall this year, making this the first year that Americans have won both titles since Mahre and Tamara McKinney did the same in 1983.

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