Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Ghost In You

I believe I mentioned before that Pacific Standard and its way-better half have the esteemed privelige privilige privilege of being copy editors at the best zine on the planet. Now you too can attempt to be associated with Wooooo by submitting your best t-shirt design incorporating the signature penis-ghost logo in The (first annual?) Great Wooooo T-Shirt Competition.

Go here to see some of the entries so far, like the one above from Stephens of Stephens & Bower acclaim (apparently cats may be substituted for the Wooooo logo—makes sense to us). While you're over there, scroll through one of the most hilarious and engrossing blogs around.

Official rules and entry details are below this photo:

The Great Wooooo Design a T-shirt for us and we’ll give you nothing save the knowledge that you won The Great Wooooo T-Shirt Competition Competition officially copy-edited Official Rules:
When we flippantly announced "The Great Wooooo Magazine T-Shirt Competition" we failed to mention a few regulations.
Regulation one: Designs should be one color.
Regulation two: Whatever you come up with should be printable on one side of the T. Don’t get all tricky on us.
We already know you're smart—you read Wooooo.
Regulation three: Your design should somehow incorporate the Wooooo Logo: THE GHOST WHAT HAS A COCK.
That’s the regulations then.
As far as deadlines go, let's say…in a month?

Send your entries to info[at]

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