Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Must I Paint You a Picture

I finally started a Flickr account and have posted some photos. Check them out here.

So far it's mostly photos from the cross-country roadtrip I took with my mom last May. For her sixtieth birthday she was going to treat herself to a drive from Seattle to Brooklyn to see my brother Sky, my wife Emily, and me. Since I had just gone freelance and could work from anywhere, and since I wasn't super-psyched about my mom driving across the country alone, I flew out to Seattle with my laptop and we took just over two weeks to wind across a total of fourteen states. Those photos start here.

The rest are random shots of Seattle and Brooklyn. I'll be adding many more soon.

Top: The Manhattan Bridge (taken with a Holga camera)
Middle: Somewhere on the Pine Ridge Reservation last May
Bottom: The view from Melrose & Harrison in Seattle, last October

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