Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Art, Home Accoutrements, Dead People's Furniture

Emily and I were out west briefly last October and had the chance to check out
the Anne Bonny (1355 Olive b/w Melrose & Bellevue). Emily got a really cool sweater with a horse on the back, and we also snapped up this artwork by proprietor Spencer Moody (better known as front man of the Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide, and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death). They are going to hold it for us till we're in Seattle again this fall. I think it's interesting because it captures this icon of weird America but pulls it out of context in both place and material. It reminds me of Richard Prince's outlook that way, as does the Anne Bonny itself.

I highly recommend checking out the shop if you're ever in Seattle (or if you're always in Seattle). On the surface it's not much different than other antique/junk stores, but it sets itself apart with a particularly unique point of view, bolstered by an upstairs gallery showing a steady succession of up-and-coming Northwest artists. The line between curated junk and artwork is totally blurred, and to me that is the best way to look at either of those things.

Check out theannebonny.com for more info.

Photos top and bottom courtesy the Anne B's flickr page

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